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Aram's Tales (Tentative title)

Author: [personal profile] lilian_cho
Rating: G - PG-13 so far
Word count: 100 words each so far
WARNING: For my own ease of reading, none of the drabbles on this DW is under an LJ-cut. Aram has romantic and sexual feelings for his friend Rubin, but Rubin consistently remains heterosexual.

A/N: This 'verse was started as background past for one of the characters in an original fairy tale 'verse of mine. However, as I write more, this 'verse has a different flavor from my fairy tale 'verse, so they probably will end up being unrelated after all.

This DW will be updated as I write more drabbles and/or snippets in this 'verse. Currently I'm focusing on world-building for my Winter's Stone 'verse, so there'll probably only be Aram-centric drabbles for awhile.

Enjoy! (Everything is posted reverse chronologically for easy reading)
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